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Eurotec is a leading brand of concrete batching plants for both ready-mix and precast concrete applications. It’s recognised for providing customers with a solution, and not just the sale of standard products.

The brand’s longstanding history is anchored on the core characteristics of European quality and reliability at affordable prices. With key components manufactured in Europe and steel structures in Asia, Eurotec maintains the heart of its products a hallmark of European excellence, and, at the same time, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising the integrity and quality of their batching plants.

Explore the features and benefits of our comprehensive range of products below:

Modular Concept
Modular Concept

Allows for lower logistics costs and faster plant assembling and disassembling for more efficient plant relocations.

ECS Process Control System Software
ECS Process Control System Software

Customisable Windows-based software with remote tele-diagnostics function to suit various mix designs and operations requirements.

Less Setup Works
Less Setup Works

Save on civil work costs and experience shorter erection time. Selected plant models require no to minimal loading ramp.

European Quality
European Quality

Twin-Shaft Mixers and Planetary Pan Mixers are equipped with Planetary Gearbox for performance, reliability and low heat generation.

Electrical Control Panel
Electrical Control Panel

Fully electrical control panel with manual override for PC or PLC issues.

Compact Design
Compact Design

Most small to medium range plants have a compact design for small footprint to suit limited land space.

Eurotec Wet Mix Batching Plants

Wet concrete batching plant is a machinery plant for mixing aggregates such as sands, gravel stones, water, chemicals and cement in different proportions to produce various types of concrete. The wet batch concrete plant mainly includes weighing system, aggregates supply system, mixing system, process control system, cement silo and other subsystems. Most wet batch concrete plants operate using a computerised process control management system to fully automate the plant to reduce operating costs. Eurotec wet mix concrete batching plant range includes stationary and mobile concrete batching plants.

Properties of Different Grades of Concrete Using

Properties of Different Grades of Concrete Using Mix Design Method Anum, I1, Williams, F.N2, Adole, A.M1 and Haruna, A.C1 1Department of Building, Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria. 2

Consumption Of Cement And Sand In M25 Grade

Grades Of Concrete With Proportion Mix Ratio. We use different grades of concrete for different parts of the building.We could say the grade of concrete is the only thing we do care lot while concreting.In this post, we are going to explain that in detail.Grades of concrete actually, what do we mean by grade of concrete.Concrete grades are ...

26 Different Types of Concrete; [Its Classification, Uses

The typical concrete with normal water-cement ratio always has micro-pores, which limits the strength of regular concrete. Silica fumes consist of very fine particles (actually, 6 times finer than of cement particles). Hence, if it is added to the concrete mix, the minute pore spaces can be reduced, resulting in high-strength concrete.

Concrete Mix Ratio | Various Grades Of Concrete

As for instance, for M30 grade of concrete mix, its compressive strength after 28 days should have been 30 N/mm2. Concrete mix ratio table. Given below, the standard chart table that displays different grades of concrete mix design together with their relevant ratios of cement, sand and aggregates required.


Sep 04, 2014 · Masonry mortars are specified as different grades depending upon their minimum compressive strength, when tested at an age of 28 days. Different grades of cement mortar and their mix proportions are given below. Different Grades of Cement Mortar Grade Name Mortar Mix (by Loose Volume) Compressive Strength at 28 days (in N/mm2) Cement Sand MM …

Concrete Grades And Mix Ratio

This construction video tutorial is created on Concrete Mixes. Various topics like categories of mixes, purpose for using mixes. Fundamental types of the concrete mix range from nominal mix, standard mix and design mix. There are different types of grades for concrete mixes like M5, M7.5, M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, M35, M40, M45, M50, …

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Concrete mix ratio for various grades of concrete

Dec 08, 2017 · There are various grades of concrete available in the market based on these ratios. Some of them are: M10, M20, M30, M35, etc. So, what really does M10 or M20 mean or represent. “M” stands for “mix”. Mix represents concrete with designated proportions of cement, sand and aggregate.

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Concrete Mix Ratio and Their Tpyes - 2020 Guide

Concrete Mix Ratio | What Is Concrete Mix Ratio or Concrete Grade Ratio | Type of Concrete Mix Ratio | Different types of Concrete Mix Ratio

Department of Civil Engineering, North Eastern Regional Institute

2015-08-15 · mix proportions for M20 grade concrete for different ingredient compositions were calculated. III. NOMINAL MIX M20 GRADE CONCRETE In nominal mix M20 grade concrete, graded angular aggregate of nominal size 40 mm, zone II river sand, 53 grade OPC were used in conventional ratio 1.00 (cement) : 1.5 (sand) : 3.0 (CA).

Grades Of Concrete

Mar 27, 2017 · Grades Of Concrete: In IS: 456-1978, the different grades of concrete are given as M10, M25, M20, M25, M30, M35, and M40. In the classification of concrete mix, the letter M denotes the Mix and the numbers 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 represent the predetermined works cube strength of 15 cm cubes after curing of 28 days in N/mm2.

Different Types of Concrete Mix

Different Types of Concrete Mix. Nominal Mixes; In the past the specifications for concrete prescribed the proportions of cement, fine and coarse aggregates. These mixes of fixed cement-aggregate ratio which ensures adequate strength are termed nominal mixes.

Pervious Concrete Mixes: The Right Ingredients And

The combination of these products has significantly improved the mixing and handling of pervious concrete. As with all concrete, admixture dosages can be varied to achieve the desired properties for the application. The table contains suggested starting point mixture proportions for different pervious concrete applications.

Different Grades of Concrete, Their Strength and

2017/12/14 · Design mix concrete are those for which mix proportions are obtained from various lab tests. Use of design mix concrete requires good quality control during material selection, mixing, transportation and placement of ...

how to calculate m10 concrete mix

Concrete Mix Design Different Grades of Concrete. May 17, 2017 Concrete Mix design of M5, M7.5, M10, M15, M20, M25, M30 and higher grades of concrete is calculated as below: The procedure for finding the different grades of concrete mixes are same. The below mentioned method can be applied to any grade of concrete by changing the values. Learn More

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Concrete mixing ratios for cement, sand, aggregate, and water are generally mixed as 1 part cement, 3 parts sand, and 3 parts aggregate or stone with just enough water to make it workable.


ACI METHOD OF PROPORTIONING CONCRETE MIXES The ACI Standard 211.1 is a “Recommended Practice for Selecting Proportions for Concrete”. The procedure is as follows: Step 1. Choice of slump Step 2. Choice of maximum size of aggregate Step 3. Estimation of mixing water and air content Step 4. Selection of water/cement ratio Step 5.

Concrete Mix Design for M45 grade

Dec 25, 2017 · Concrete mix Design for M45 Grade concrete with GGBS is as follows; OPC Cement 53 Grade – 300 Kg GGBS – 200 Kg Water Cement ratio (w/c) – 0.28 Free Water – 140 liters 20mm Metal / Aggregates – 620 Kg 10mm Metal / Aggregates – 450 Kg Crush Sand – 894 Kg Admixture Dosage – 1.1 % Admixture...

Different types of concrete mix ratio

It has been separated different mix ratios of concrete i.e quantity of cement, sand, and aggregates for different grade of concrete. The different grade of concrete are M5, M7.5, M10, M15, M20, M25 . So, the materials (Mix) proportion for each grade of concrete are given as,

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Correct Ratios for Concrete Mixes

I’m having my foundation lifted on the side of my house and under pinned. I’ve been told to order different quantities from quote to quote regarding the mix ratio. One is what I see here 50/50 mix medium strength. The other is a 1:2:3 cement, sand, stone. Is the later weaker, and should i reject the quote or is it still acceptible?


For very small projects, such as setting a mailbox post or doing repairs, you may want to purchase a packaged concrete mix. Such a mix combines cement, sand, and gravel in the correct mixing ratios and requires only the addition of water to create fresh concrete.

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Types of Concrete Mixes

Aug 27, 2013 · In these mixes the performance of the concrete is specified by the designer but the mix proportions are determined by the producer of concrete, except that the minimum cement content can be laid down. This is most rational approach to the selection of mix proportions with specific materials in mind possessing more or less unique characteristics.

Requirements of good concrete mix and Grades of concrete

Oct 28, 2017 · Concrete. The properties of concrete depends upon the proportions and type of its ingredients. A properly designed concrete mix is very durable. Requirements of good concrete mix (i) The concrete should be mixed thoroughly to from a homogeneous mix. (ii) Concrete should be compacted properly to prevent it from being porous.

Concrete Mix Design | Different Grades of Concrete

May 17, 2017 · The Concrete mix ratio for M20 grade of concrete is 1:1.5:3 that mean 1 part of cement, 1.5 part of sand (fine aggregate) and 3 parts of aggregate (crushed stone) in volume and then batched for mixing.

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